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    I’m a hippie geek who loves helping people thrive with their technology.

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    Web Design

    Let's build you a beautiful Website.

    On-Demand Support

    Let's heal what's ailing you right now.

    Personal Coaching

    Let's realize your dreams together.

    Custom Solutions

    Let's co-create exactly what you need.

  • "It is a total pleasure working with Stephen. He is kind, gentle, courteous and 100% reliable. He took an intelligent interest in every stage that we went through — not just doing what I asked, but always improving on it!"


    — Rosalind bubb, website client

  • About Me

    Howdy! I'm Stephen.

    Geek-Hippie-Austinite. At your service.


    Short Story...

    I grew up loving Tech, but separated from my Heart. Then I left Tech aside and went traveling to find my Heart. Now I'm back home, integrating the two so I can serve those who are consciously bringing Love into the World.


    Credentials? I've got a few! I worked with Apple for 2+ years. Built the technology backbone for Austin startup No. 4 St. James. And I've been nurturing the digital lifeforms around my friends and family for over 15 years.

    I'm on a Healing Journey.

    I have a certificate in Permaculture Design and recently spent 2 years visiting Ecovillages in Europe, Canada, and the United States. This Journey opened me up to everyday folks who are healing themselves, each other, and our Planet through holistically sustainable practices.


    While I'm still working to integrate such holism into my own life practices, I deeply admire the thousands of Communities worldwide who are co-creating a conscious, life-regenerating future and I love offering my gifts to anyone who considers themselves part of this Global Movement.

    In the Heart of Texas.


    I live an active urban lifestyle with minimal environmental impact. I ride a bicycle everywhere (haven't owned a car in 5 years). I buy local food, compost my organic waste, and recycle everything that I can.


    I support my spiritual and physical health through regular yoga, ecstatic dance, and meditation practices. I've been a Facilitator in the Austin Authentic Relating and Circling communities. And most warm Fridays you'll find me cooling off in the healing waters of Barton Springs Pool.

  • "Stephen is very personable, genuine, and responsive. I could tell he truly cared and was committed to providing the best service that would help me meet the mission of my work."


    — Melissa Carnagey of Sex Positive Families

  • Some Folks I've helped so far

    Rosalind Bubb

    Miscarriage Therapist

    I designed and built Rosalind a full-featured Website for her Miscarriage Support business.


    "My challenge was finding a reliable, easy-to-work-with Web designer who could make my Website look wonderful on all devices. I am delighted what has been accomplished. I know that when I need help with technology, I can always ask Stephen. I feel as if I have a partner in building my business."

    Jane Hayes

    Permaculture Designer

    I custom-tailored a WordPress Website and event registration system for Garden Jane.


    "Stephen's service is great and I highly recommend him. He's helped me build my website and much of the technical back end of my business operations. I'd looked for a long time to find someone with such an excellent whole systems approach and he is a pleasure to work with too!"

    Oliver Kristevic

    Sustainability Consultant

    I built Oliver a Personal Website.


    "Stephen is a truly deep listener – very present and authentic. He is able to model sincerity, boldness, bravery and vulnerability in ways that have had a profound effect on how I express myself when working with others. It has been a real pleasure to work with him toward the realization of my goals and dreams."

  • getting started with me

    Web Design

    Sliding Scale $50 ~ $100 / hr

    Let's build you a beautiful Website.


    Personal, Business, or anything in between. I love using platforms like Strikingly, Wix, WordPress, or SquareSpace. I can also help you with Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, Analytics, and Social Media (just to name a few), and I use Holistic Design to ensure that everything works together beautifully.

    On-Demand Support

    First Call FREE, then Sliding Scale $30 – $50 / hr

    Let's heal what's blocking you right now.


    Website down? Devices misbehaving? Quick question about an app or service? I'm here! We'll rapidly and effectively address whatever's ailing you. I can help you heal most issues in 10-30 minutes, so you can get right back to making the World a better place.

    Personal Coaching

    Sliding Scale $50 ~ $100 / session *

    Let's realize your dreams together.


    Feeling frustrated in your relationships with technology? Wanting more easefulness? Got a project you want to manifest, but aren't sure how? I'd love to help you. In one-or-more sessions, we'll discover and explore the learning journey that's right for you.

    Custom Solutions

    Let's co-create exactly what you need


    Maybe you're not exactly sure how I can help you, but you have a hunch that I'm the right fit. I can flexibly mix a cocktail of Strategy, Design, Coaching, and more to meet your technology needs holistically.

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